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Welcome to The Twin Peaks Oracle. It is wonderful to have you here.

So, what is this all about then? Well, like Hawk’s map, it is a living thing. The Twin Peaks Oracle is a place to document and celebrate anything and everything Twin Peaks.

The Twin Peaks Oracle is a one-woman show, run and written by me! Laura Stewart. I’ve been watching, reading and writing about Twin Peaks since I was ten years old. It is my favourite TV show, but more than that, it’s a way of life. The Twin Peaks universe is so vast that it could take forever to research and reflect on every element of the story, the characters, the myths and legends, the fan community and everything in between. But time is just a concept, and there is only the present, so give yourself a present and indulge in some mystery.

Gotta Write?

The site is open to contributions, so if your palms are itching to write about something related to Twin Peaks and need a home for it, please email thetwinpeaksoracle@gmail.com with your draft, preferably in a Google Doc. I am a professional content editor, so I will give suggestions for improvement if necessary and proofread your document before sending it back to you to see if you are happy with the amendments/suggestions. Please also send the following:

  • Clear, HD quality images that you would like added to your article (at least 600 px width), plus a header image (approx 1200pxw x 600pxh). Where possible, these should be screenshots from the show/film and not professional photographs (e.g. red carpet shots, photoshoots from other magazines/sites, official stills from the show) unless you have permission for these to be used. If you do, please ensure they are credited on the image. If you use personal photographs, please ensure that anyone in the images permits them to be used. 
  • Your name/byline that you wish to use as the author of the article.
  • Citations or references, either linked to in the document or added as footnotes at the end of the article. 
  • The title you would like to use for the piece.
  • Your social media details (Twitter/Facebook/Instagram handles) if you would like to be tagged in the social media sharing of your article. 

Any work you have published on The Twin Peaks Oracle is still 100% yours. Please keep a copy of your work so that if you no longer wish to have it on the site, it can be deleted without you losing your content. 

Please do not send anything in that has already been published on another site, as Google will not like it. (All contributions will be checked for plagiarism before publishing). Please also note that we may not accept an article if it is very similar to something already published on the site, so please have a read of what is here already before you submit it. 

Unfortunately, I am unable to compensate you for your work as the site is not monetised.

Any advertising on the site is directly linked to the Twin Peaks community, and the space is given for free. If you would like to advertise your business or product on the site, please email thetwinpeaksoracle@gmail.com for more details. N.B. All advertising must be Twin Peaks/David Lynch/Mark Frost-related without exception. 

Break The Code, Solve The…Mystery?

Nope! There is no right or wrong theory when it comes to Twin Peaks. It’s a subjective and very personal experience for fans, so to suggest that one person could figure it all out is absurd. And where would be the fun in that? Exploring the thousands of rabbit holes you’ll inevitably fall down is all part of the fun.

If you’d like to give writing about your theories and interpretations a go but aren’t sure where to start, here are some general ideas of the kind of content I intend to collate here at The Twin Peaks Oracle:


This could be about the show as a whole, a concept within the show, or even down to a single scene. The world really is your oyster with this one, but it might include:

  • Supernatural and paranormal
  • The occult
  • Psychology and the subconscious
  • Dualism
  • Extra-terrestrials/alien abduction
  • Time travel
  • Alternate dimensions
  • Myths & Legends
  • Native American history
  • Real historical events that influenced the show/books (e.g. things mentioned in The Secret History of Twin Peaks)
  • Science (e.g. quantum physics)
  • Religious/faith-based interpretations (e.g. Buddhism, Theosophy, Christianity, Scientology, reincarnation, the dugpas, angels and demons, good vs evil).
  • Influences from Film, TV, Art etc. that Lynch/Frost may have paid homage to.
  • Spiritual practices, meditation, out of body experiences, astral travel, near-death experiences
  • Dreams

Character Analysis 

Do you have a character you’d like to explore? How did their story progress and their character grow as the seasons went by? Or perhaps you have a theory on a mysterious or supernatural character from another place? 

Episode Analysis

Do you have an episode you want to reflect on? Talk about the entire episode, pick out a scene, tell us why it’s so great (or not so great).


Love writing lists? Yeah, me too. How about your top 10 Audrey scenes or your 20 favourite lamps! This is the place for more light-hearted Twin Peaks content for you to curl up and read with a damn fine cup of coffee and a piece of pie. 

Personal Experiences

This can cover a wide range of topics. You may want to pour your heart out about your love for Twin Peaks and what impact it made on your life. Or perhaps you’ve just experienced something wonderful and strange that is related to the show.


  • Books and magazines by Frost or Lynch, or written by fans and scholars.
  • music albums/tracks by artists involved with Twin Peaks
  • gigs by artists involved with Twin Peaks
  • Cinematic or special screenings. 
  • Podcasts
  • Fan films
  • Festivals and events


  • The creative fandom
  • Tattoos
  • Fashion
  • Food and drink
  • Video games

In Memorium

Celebrating the life and legacy of Twin Peaks actors/creators that are sadly no longer with us.


Are you about to release a book/music/art/podcast/film or hold an event related to Twin Peaks that the public need to hear about? Email us the details, and we can promote this for you or interview you about it. thetwinpeaksoracle@gmail.com

Thank you for reading, and I hope to see every single one of you again soon. Until then, I’ll see you in my dreams. 

Laura x

Disclaimer: We promote positivity, inclusivity and community here at The Twin Peaks Oracle. We have the right to refuse any content that does not fit with the site’s ethos. Content that is racist, sexist, misogynistic, misandristic, homophobic, transphobic, ableist, classist, bigoted or politically violent will not be accepted, and if you wrote it, you should fix your heart. Twin Peaks can be a dark place, but with love and wonder in our hearts, we can let the light in. 


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