Twin Peaks Tarot Reading for 15-21 May | All Zodiac Signs

Twin Peaks Tarot 15-21 may, on background of red curtains with a tree with a chewing gum head.

Welcome to your weekly Twin Peaks tarot reading from 8th May to 14th May.

Before we begin, I want to emphasise that these readings are only for entertainment. While tarot readings can be insightful and provide guidance, they should not be considered gospel. Additionally, the messages in this reading may not resonate with everyone. It’s important to remember that you are always in control of your own life and that any decisions or actions you take based on this reading are your responsibility. With that said, let’s proceed with an open mind and see what insights the tarot has to offer you this week, Peakies!

Aries (The Ram) | March 21-April 19

Tarot cards The Chariot, The Devil and The Hanged Man with images from Twin Peaks

Aries, you’re itching to rev up that engine and get on your bike and go. It appears you’ve been entangled in a sticky situation for quite some time now, caught between two love interests, job prospects, or perhaps conflicting desires pulling you in opposing directions. However, you’ve finally unearthed the inner strength to bid farewell to the shadows that have plagued you. The Chariot, or let’s say the Hog, signifies that you are the master of your own fate. You’re about to take the reins, displaying unwavering determination to triumph. This is splendid news, as The Devil card portrays the shackles of attachment, addiction, and limitations born from succumbing to your primal urges. While it might seem as if Laura and Ronette are bound by Bob’s sinister grip, take notice β€” their hands remain free, free to escape whenever they choose. As tempting as that tantalising bowl of creamed corn may be, indulging in it will only lead to pain and suffering.

Take a cue from The Hanged Man and embark on a quest for a fresh outlook. Consider embarking on a journey (word on the street is that Hawaii is a paradise this time of year) and hit the pause button. Let yourself go into the currents of surrender, shedding the attachments that hinder you from realising your highest potential. Hanging upside down may not appear to be the epitome of amusement, but observe the serene demeanour of Dr Jacoby. One leg may be lightly bound, but his arms rest casually, and behind those red and blue spectacles, everything takes on a tranquil shade of purple. Oh, how everything improves when bathed in the embrace of purple.

Taurus (The Bull) | April 20-May 20

Tarot cards the 2 of Pentacles, Temperance, 3 of cups with images from Twin Peaks

Taurus, you find yourself in quite the balancing act, tangled up in a perpetual loop, as the Two of Pentacles twirl within the infinity symbol, suggesting that this dance won’t be ending anytime soon. To add to the complexity of this situation, you’ve blindfolded yourself and bound your own fee; it is almost like you enjoy the struggle. But here’s the catch: if you can conquer this challenge, you can conquer anything. You’re confronted with multiple priorities, unable to relinquish any of your tasks. Instead, you must discover equilibrium β€” the art of adaptation and improved time management.

The silver lining is that you will find your way. Just like Norma‘s cool and soothing nature, the Temperance card represents balance, patience, moderation, and the need to stay grounded while in the flow of running water. Keep your cool, and don’t let trivialities erode your composure. Preserve your energy for what truly matters. And should your inner peace waver, make time to revel in the company of friends and share a hearty laugh. The Three of Cups beckons you to spend moments with kindred spirits, engaging in lightheartedness and lifting each other’s spirits. Carve out space for socialising, be it an intimate gathering to watch a film or a reminiscence of bygone days. Such connections will balm your weary soul.

Gemini (The Twins) | May 21-June 21

Tarot cards The World, The Fool and The Emperor with images from Twin Peaks

Gemini, sometimes things just happen like this *snaps fingers*. Your tarot reading for this week hints at a powerful and transformative period in your life. The World card reveals the culmination of a significant phase, birthing a multifaceted individual. In this deck, The World embodies the tragic tale of Laura Palmer, and it’s true when her life ceased, so did the cycle of her anguish and torment. Some might argue that she held control over her own demise, for she knowingly embraced the owl ring, a harbinger of her own end. In doing so, she likely shielded her friend Ronette from Bob’s wrath. Despite all she went through, the world still spins. Her energy dissipated back into the ether, birthing a fresh cycle. It beckons a time of harmonious integration.

The Fool card implores you to embrace nascent beginnings, venturing into uncharted territories with audacity and open-heartedness. Just like Andy Brennan’s tender innocence, the world brims with new dawns, yearning for your embrace. However, remember to keep your eyes peeled, trust your instincts, and make measured leaps of faith. While you may carry an innocent spirit, bravery and valour course through your veins. The Emperor card spotlights your innate leadership capabilities, urging you to establish structure and order in your existence. It reminds you to draw upon your inner might and assertiveness to manifest your aspirations.

Conversely, it could signify the presence of someone authoritative in your life β€” an overseeing figure like a father, boss, or mentor. Though they may harbour your best interests, it remains crucial that you forge your own path. Allow them to be your anchor as you embark upon the vast oceans of exploration, but be clear with your boundaries and don’t allow them to pull you back too soon.

Embrace the forthcoming opportunities, remain receptive to fresh experiences, and tap into the wellspring of your natural leadership qualities. As one chapter concludes, an exhilarating odyssey lies before you. Trust in your abilities, take calculated risks and establish a steadfast foundation as you navigate this transformative phase of existence.

Cancer (The Crab) | June 22-July 22

Tarot cards The Empress. 2 of Cups and The Lovers with images from Twin Peaks

Cancer, prepare yourself for a love-filled reading that will make any romance seeker green with envy! Your trio of cards overflows with love, femininity, beauty, and sensuality. You are The Empress, like Catherine Martell — who appears to be a tough broad on the outside but quite the romantic within. You ooze sexuality, know what you want, and know how to get it. Perhaps you’ve donned a masculine facade in the past to be taken seriously by the men in your life, particularly in business matters. But now, there’s no need for disguise. By embracing your authentic self, everything you desire is at your fingertips.

The Two of Cups signifies that a profound partnership is on the horizon, whether in matters of love or business. The attraction between you and this other individual is so intense that despite the early stages, the outlook for long-term commitment is solid. You both share a mutual respect, standing as equals in perfect harmony. However, don’t assume this means monotony. Brace yourself for passionate eruptions as you delve deeper into each other’s souls. This person will encourage you to express your deepest desires, shielding and nurturing you, just as you will reciprocate in kind. Yet, be wary of greed. Take your time, and avoid rushing into anything prematurely, for it could spoil the exquisite bond The Lovers share. Embrace each day as it unfolds, cherishing every precious moment.

So, Cancer, prepare for a love story that rivals the most intoxicating of tales. Allow your natural allure to guide you, basking in the passion and tenderness that awaits. Your socks are on fire!

Leo (The Lion) | July 22-August 23

Tarot cards The Sun, 7 of Wands, 9 of swords with images from Twin Peaks

Leo, The Sun is shining, the blue roses are blooming, and there are blue skies all along the way. Or are there? A little man from another place is riding a pale horse into your yard and it’s a little unnerving to be quite frank. But fear not; this is all an illusion. In moments of blissful perfection, we often sabotage our own joy by anticipating its imminent demise. Let go of worries about the unknown, for you cannot control the future or alter the past; your power lies solely in embracing the present.

The Seven of Wands tells you to stand your ground and not let your anxieties get the better of you. The Nine of Swords reminds you to address your fears and negative thoughts, seek support from others and practice self-care. The answers you seek won’t be found in a book or at the bottom of a bottle, so look deep into yourself to learn why you are feeling so worried. Recognise that most of your fears are magnified beyond reality, and by confronting them, you shall unearth the serenity you seek.

Embrace the radiant light of The Sun, illuminating your path with its warm glow. Despite the unsettling presence of the mysterious rider, maintain a steadfast resolve. Confront your fears and anxieties, seeking solace within yourself and through the support of others. Remember, the unknown cannot overshadow your inner peace. In the enigmatic tapestry of life, even amidst uncertainty, you possess the power to find tranquillity and serenity.

Virgo (The Virgin) | Aug 23-Sept 22

Tarot cards 7 of Pentacles, the Empress, 4 of Swords with images from Twin Peaks

Virgo, you’ve been toiling away tirelessly, barely lifting your head to enjoy the fruits of your labour. Like the crooked Mounty depicted in the Seven of Pentacles, you have a ton of cash (and cocaine, but ignore that), buried out in the woods. But really, what good does it do buried away? It’s time to dig it up and start relishing in the pleasures it can bring. What’s the point of a life of hard work and amassing a fortune if you’re not going to indulge in some fun?

Be like The Empress and take some time to connect with Mother Earth. Maybe take yourself and your family on holiday or go on a lone retreat where you can soothe your aching muscles and relax in luxury. It’s time to heal those wounds that linger from past trials and tribulations. Close your eyes and listen to the crackling electricity that fills the air. The Four of Swords whispers in your ear, urging you to rest, meditate and contemplate your life at this point. Find a peaceful space to retreat and recharge your energy, i.e., not while riding up and down on a coffin planted in the earth. This is a little bit too close to nature.

Once you have shed the burdens of the past, emerge from the depths with renewed vigour. Like a solitary figure walking purposefully down a dimly lit corridor, step forward with determination and focus. Let the lessons learned in the shadows propel you towards a future that shines with possibility.

Libra (The Scales) | September 23-October 23

Tarot cards King of Pentacles, the Hanged Man and Ace of Cups with images from Twin Peaks

Libra, your tarot reading reveals a fascinating interplay of energies. The King of Pentacles, in this twisted tale, is none other than Blackie, reigning supreme on her throne at One Eyed Jacks. She is a symbol of mastery over the material realm (and perverted, cowardly men). She is a reminder of the potential that lies within you to create a solid foundation for your life.

But hold up! The Hanged Man crashes the party, demanding a shift in perspective. It’s time to hit the brakes, let go of that desperate need for control, and release those pesky attachments that weigh you down. Embrace the suspension, like someone stuck in the black lodge for 25 years. Surrender, my friend, and open yourself to a fresh outlook that’ll give you a deeper understanding of your own desires and needs.

Lo and behold, The Ace of Cups will soon waltz in, overflowing with promises of emotional fulfilment and new beginnings. This card is all about love, compassion, and a surge of creative energy that’ll flood your life. Picture a cup brimming with coffee, black as midnight on a moonless night, ready to unleash deep emotional connections, artistic expression, and spiritual growth.

Libra, it’s time to find that sweet spot between the material and the emotional realms. Channel your inner Black Rose for that stability and abundance, but don’t let it consume you. Embrace the weird and wild suspension of The Hanged Man, letting go of what no longer serves you. And when The Ace of Cups comes knocking, open your heart wide and let the floodgates of love, compassion, and creative energy burst forth.

Scorpio (The Scorpion) | October 24-November 21

Tarot cards 7 of Swords, 3 of Swords and King of Cups with images from Twin Peaks

Ah, Scorpio, your tarot reading unveils a complex tapestry of emotions and challenges. Brace yourself for the enigmatic journey that lies ahead. The Seven of Swords slinks into view, a card that whispers of deceit, trickery, and hidden agendas. Be cautious, my friend, as someone may be plotting behind your back, wielding sharp blades of betrayal. Stay vigilant and trust your instincts to navigate this treacherous terrain. If your gut whispers of infidelity or financial deception, do not ignore it. Unmask the truth and confront the unsettling reality that awaits you. Brace yourself, for the road ahead is paved with thorns.

The Three of Swords pierces the heart with its melancholic presence. It signifies heartbreak, sorrow, and the pain of emotional wounds. It’s as if a storm has taken hold of your heart, leaving you to grapple with the aftermath of loss and disappointment. Take the time to mourn, dear Scorpio, for it is through acknowledging the depths of your despair that the healing process can begin. Resist the urge to replay the lies and deceit in your mind, like an old mangled tape recording. There is no solace in dwelling upon what has been done.

And fear not, for the King of Cups steps forward as a beacon of hope amidst the darkness. This regal figure exudes emotional maturity, compassion, and wisdom. He offers a soothing touch to your wounded soul, reminding you of the strength and resilience that lie within. Embrace your emotional depth, Scorpio, and let it guide you through these tumultuous waters. Be comforted by the fact that nothing is permanent, even these painful feelings.

Sagittarius (The Archer) | November 22-December 21

Tarot cards, The Emperor, 10 of pentacles and 5 of pentacles with images from Twin Peaks

Sagittarius, your tarot reading unfolds like a mysterious tale interwoven with enigmatic characters and conflicting energies. Benjamin Horne, wealthy businessman, playboy, neglectful father, and civil war hero, features in each of your three tarot cards in this reading. This presence could symbolise aspects of your own personality or the influence of an Aries energy that is currently entangled in your life’s narrative.

The Emporer represents authority, structure, and establishment. A man of rigid demeanour to gain his favour, you must delve deep and offer the allure of material riches or decadent treats. This person is most interested in status, power, recognition, and the occasional brie baguette.

If you find yourself within the inner circle of this powerful presence, expect the bestowment of abundant wealth and opulence. The Ten of Pentacles paints a portrait of prosperity and stability, where material security and a sense of belonging overflow. Rejoice in the fruits of your labour, for you are now reaping the rewards of your hard work. Embrace the blessings that surround you, cherishing the profound connections within your family or community that bring you genuine joy and fulfilment.

Yet, tread cautiously, for the Five of Pentacles casts its shadow upon your path. It whispers of moments of financial strain or a sense of exclusion from the very material comforts you desire. Beware the whims of the Emperor, for he may hold the reins to this aspect of your life. However, remember that true wealth resides not solely in possessions, but in the profound tapestry of experiences and authentic connections you weave throughout your journey.

Trust in your ability to overcome obstacles and find solace in the deeper aspects of life beyond mere material wealth. When you realise you don’t need to rely on anyone else for financial stability, you will be free to dance the night away.

Capricorn (The Goat) | December 22-January 19

Tarot cards The Devil, Queen of Wands and Page of Wands with images from Twin Peaks

Capricorn, listen closely to the whispers of this tarot reading, for they hold a message of great importance. The Devil, a symbol of temptation, materialism, and attachment, lurks in the corners of your existence. Be wary of the enticements that threaten to bind you, trapping your spirit within self-imposed boundaries. The Devil is a parasite that feeds on weakness and seeks to drain your vitality. Break free from its grip and shed the limiting beliefs that have hindered your progress. Beware the allure of false promises and fleeting pleasures.

Now, let the fierce energy of the Queen of Wands within you ignite your path. With confidence, independence, and a fiery spirit, she blazes a trail of passion and determination. Yet, even as she shines brightly, a frogmoth rests at her feet, a reminder of her connection to her shadow self. Recognise when distractions and illusions attempt to sway you from your true purpose. Embrace the wisdom gained from navigating the darkness, for this knowledge will guide you in illuminating the way for others. Embrace your past, for it has shaped you and granted you the ability to wield your magic.

And alongside the Queen, the Page of Wands appears, a harbinger of fresh inspiration and youthful enthusiasm. This vibrant soul symbolises the spark of potential within you, eager to explore uncharted territories. Embrace the curiosity and open-mindedness of this young companion. Perhaps he is a younger brother, a son, or even a grandson, carrying the same hereditary magic as you. Your love for him serves as a guiding light, leading you away from the clutches of the Devil. Trust in your own magic and let it shine forth, illuminating the path to a brighter future.

Aquarius (The Water Bearer) | January 20-February 18

tarot cards knight of swords, 5 of pentacles and king of swords with images from Twin Peaks

As the cards reveal themselves, Aquarius, we witness the Knight of Swords charging forth with a thunderous roar, wielding his sword like a conductor leading a dissonant orchestra. His steps are bold, his mind ablaze with determination and conviction. This Knight represents the energy of audacious action, urging you to seize the moment and forge ahead. But be cautious, for this fiery enthusiasm can teeter on the edge of recklessness. Balance your courage with thoughtful consideration and a keen understanding of the landscape before you.

Lurking within the shadows, the Five of Pentacles casts a gloomy pall over your journey. It portrays a landscape of financial struggle and the frigid embrace of isolation. It is here that you may find yourself feeling detached from abundance and a sense of belonging. Let not despair consume you, for even in the bleakest of times; there is always a flicker of hope. Reach out for assistance, and seek solace in the support of others, even if they are not the ones you initially envisioned turning to. Pride can be a cruel companion, but it is through humility that true progress is made.

Enter the King of Swords, a figure adorned in the armour of intellect, logic, and sovereignty. This King wields the sword of analytical prowess, slicing through the haze of confusion to reveal clarity and truth. Tap into this regal energy, dear Aquarius, and allow your mind to serve as a compass in navigating the challenges that lie ahead. However, tread with caution, for a mind untempered can turn cold and detached. Embrace the wisdom of this King, but do not forsake the warmth of compassion and understanding. Let empathy be the thread that weaves your decisions together, uniting intellect and emotion in a harmonious dance.

Embrace the challenges before you, for within them lie the seeds of growth and transformation. And remember, in these realms, the darkest corners often reveal the most profound illumination.

Pisces (The Fish) | February 19-March 20

Tarot cards the King of Cups, 3 of Wands and The Hermit with images from Twin Peaks

Pisces, the transcendental realm, beckons you as the cards unfold their mysterious tale. You are looking for answers to what your purpose is in life and what direction to turn next.

The King of Cups offers you a platform upon which to traverse choppy waters. He is a figure shrouded in emotional mastery and compassionate wisdom. This warm presence represents the harmonious integration of heart and mind, guiding you to embrace your innate empathy and intuition. As you navigate the currents of your emotions, let this King be your guiding light across the seas, leading you towards deeper connections and profound understanding.

With the Three of Wands, a vista of expansive possibilities unfolds before you like Julee Cruise gazing upon an audience of people eagerly awaiting to hear her ethereal voice carry through the elements. Trust in your intuition and inner vision, for they will unveil pathways that align with your soul’s purpose. Embrace the courage to step beyond your comfort zone, knowing that the universe supports your endeavours as you set sail towards the shores of fulfilment.

The Hermit reveals the truth of the situation. You could travel to the ends of the Earth and never find what you are looking for. You don’t need to go anywhere other than inside yourself. Retreat into the depths of your being, withdrawing from the distractions of the external world. In the silence of your own company, you will discover profound insights and uncover the treasures of your inner wisdom. Embrace this sacred time of self-reflection, allowing the whispers of your soul to guide you towards a deeper sense of purpose and spiritual enlightenment.

Thank you for reading, and I hope some of the messages resonate with you. Be sure to check your sun, moon and rising signs for a clearer picture. Come back this time next week for more Twin Peaks tarot readings.

Thank you to Benjamin Mackey, who designed this incredibly detailed and inciteful tarot deck, “The Magician Longs To See“.

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