Character Profile: Audrey Horne

Audrey Horne standing in a doorway of the Great Northern hotel

Name: Audrey Horne

Played by: Sherilyn Fenn

Audrey Horne smoking in the school bathroom

Age: 18 in S1 &S2, mid-40s in S3

Occupation: Businesswoman

Residence: Twin Peaks, Washington

Physical Description

Audrey Horne is a striking young woman with short, dark hair and a sultry gaze. She has a petite but curvy figure and often wears form-fitting outfits that showcase her figure. She is always impeccably dressed, favoring retro-inspired clothing and bold accessories such as bright red shoes and lipstick.


Audrey is a complex and multi-faceted character, at once confident and vulnerable, tough and tender. She is highly intelligent and fiercely independent, with a sharp wit and a biting sense of humor. She is also deeply compassionate and empathetic, often using her privilege and resources to help those less fortunate than herself. She also loves music, especially dreamy jazz that she gets lost in when she dances.


Audrey is the daughter of wealthy businessman Benjamin Horne, who owns the Great Northern Hotel in Twin Peaks, and Sylvia Horne. Despite her privileged upbringing, Audrey has a rebellious streak and a desire to break free from her father’s control. She takes a job at the hotel and becomes embroiled in the town’s various intrigues, eventually forming romantic feelings toward FBI Agent Dale Cooper. She later becomes romantically involved with John Justice Wheeler. She has one brother, Johnny Horne, who has “emotional problems.” She cares for him very much, and while she was not particularly friendly with Laura Palmer, she respected her for how she cared for her brother.


Audrey’s greatest strength is her intelligence and resourcefulness. She is a skilled problem solver, able to think on her feet and improvise solutions to complex problems. She is also highly perceptive, able to read people and situations with ease, and has a talent for manipulation that she often uses to further her goals.


Ms. Horne’s rebellious nature can sometimes lead her down dangerous paths, and she has a tendency to be impulsive and reckless. Her desire to prove herself to her father can also cloud her judgment, and her romantic feelings for Agent Cooper can sometimes distract her from her goals.


Audrey has a strained relationship with her father, who is often more interested in business than his daughter’s well-being. She also has a complicated romantic relationship with Agent Cooper, who is both her confidante and her romantic interest. Audrey does not really have friends of her own age, likely due to her status in the town. However, she does have some alliances with Donna Hayward and Bobby Briggs, but Audrey is much more grown up and wise, despite her apparent Daddy issues. She is always attracted to older men who can take care of her far better than her father ever could.

Audrey Horne is a complex and fascinating character with a sharp mind and fierce independence. Her struggles with her father’s expectations and her own desires, as well as her relationships with the various residents of Twin Peaks, make her a compelling figure in the show’s intricate web of intrigue and mystery.

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